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For the past three years, I’ve started the year off with a challenge, and as with the goals I never actually get around to complete the challenge.

My most successful challenge was the first one in 2019 where I had a list of different prompts and I attempted to read through 35 books. Granted, I didn’t complete all of it, I got through an impressive amount of books. 2020 Challenge was to read 12 books in different genres. All I learnt from that challenge was that sometimes sticking to what you know is for the best! If my memory serves me well, I didn’t get around to 3 of those 12 books, and DNFd (did not finish) two. And in 2021 I attempted to read 21 books that I already own. A miserable fail because I was in a slump for the majority of the year. I picked up a couple of the books from the list, but put them back on the shelf pretty soon after.

2022 Challenge

Now, for the 4th year I want to combine my previous challenges a little bit. With that said, I am challenging myself to read 12 books that I already own, each have a prompt that helped me pick those books.

  1. Finish the last book in the series – The King of Crows
  2. Recommended by a friendThe Marriage Pact
  3. Author who’s first and last name start with the same letterThe White Spider
  4. Complete a book that you started last year, but never finished11.22.63
  5. A book picked by your partner (or a friend/family member/pet etc.)The Book Thief
  6. A book everyone read in school but you didn’tThe Lord of the Flies
  7. Read a psychological thrillerThe Burning House
  8. An author you’ve read from beforeGood Girl, Bad Blood
  9. A book not written in EnglishMinu Turbani Saladus
  10. A book under 250 pagesThe Bluest Eye
  11. A book set in one of your favourite places/holiday destinationsHow the One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House
  12. Read a non-fictionInto Thin Air

Feel free to join in with the challenge and pick 12 books from your shelf to read through 2022. There is no set month or time to read the chosen books, just get through them before the end of the year 🙂

Happy, and stressfree, reading everyone!

Kat x



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