BRCA Journey | Finally met the psychologist

Hi friends! After 5 months of waiting, I’ve finally seen the psychologist to discuss how I am feeling about the surgery and make sure that the operation is definitely something I want to go ahead with.

The meeting itself was very good. The lady I met was very welcoming, very knowledgeable and super easy to talk to. We started with her summarising my case, asking me to chip in if there was anything she missed. (There wasn’t, she was very well prepared!)

Then we moved on to how I had arrived at the decision to wanting a risk reducing surgery – you can read all about it here. We discussed my family history all over again and about my concerns and fears that relate to the surgery and recovery afterwards.

Although I have made up my mind about wanting the surgery, I of course have some reservations about it. I’m scared about waking up from the surgery and feeling sick, and I am scared that because the operation is so long and complicated I may not wake up at all. Luckily she immediately pulled out the statistics and turns out there’s only 1 in 100 000 chance that a planned operation will result in the worst case, so my mind can rest in that aspect now 🙂 Still scared, but definitely less so!

In the end I am really glad that we had this meeting, my mind is more assured and I am confident I am in good hands.

So that’s another step closer to reducing my risk and being able to put my worries behind me.

Kat x



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