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It’s my birthday today! Happy birthday to meee! It feels like it was just yesterday when the boyfriend took me to Barcelona as a surprise for my 30th last year. The whole year has literally flown by and quite a bit has changed since. We’ve moved house, I’ve changed jobs (again), I’ve read more in the past year than I ever have – to name a few.

I was recently tagged to do a “Get to Know the Bookstagrammer” on Instagram and as today is ALL ABOUT ME, here are 20 facts about me:

🐾 I started Bookstagram when I was 30

🐾 I love books (duh!)

🐾 I have 8 ear piercings and REALLY want some more

🐾 My favourite movie is The Imitation Game

🐾 I love knitting/crocheting

🐾 I’m a slow reader

🐾 I always check the number of pages before starting a book

🐾 I am one of five- the second oldest sibling

🐾 I don’t like leaving my house

🐾 Thrillers are my favourite

🐾 I grew up with my grandmother and she’s my #1 person

🐾 I used to dislike Kindle, I don’t anymore

🐾 I love horses

🐾 I’ve read 50 books in less than a year (which, dare I say, is more I’ve ever read)

🐾 I have more unread books than read books on my book shelves

🐾 I know how to play a piano ( 7 years in music school will do that to you)

🐾 My favourite dog is a husky

🐾 Prosecco is everything

🐾 Pancakes are my signature dish

🐾 I’m bilingual (Estonian & English)

I am ready to tackle  the next year with more goals, more changes and more happy memories. I’m excited. The only way is up from here 🙂

Also, happy birthday to everyone who shares this special day with me! x

Kat x



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  1. Palju õnne sünnipäevaks!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and an AMAZING year!!!

    1. Thank you 😊 x

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