Book Review | Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh

I’ve made no secret of absolutely loving I Let You Go and I See You. Clare’s writing style is so incredibly easy to follow and a pleasure to read.

Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh
5 out of 5 (it was that good!)
Published by Sphere
You can order a copy from AmazonWaterstones
Trigger Warning: Discusses heavy subjects such as mental health, suicide and murder.

Blurb: The police say it was suicide. 
Anna says it was murder. 
Who do you believe?
One year ago, Caroline Johnson chose to end her life brutally: a shocking suicide planned to match that of her husband just months before. Their daughter, Anna, has struggled to come to terms with their loss ever since. 
Now with a young baby of her own, Anna misses her mother more than ever and starts to question her parents’ deaths. But by digging up their past, she’ll put her future in danger. Sometimes it’s safe to let things lie…

My thoughts: Let Me Lie is definitely my favourite one out of the three (so far). With every book being exceptional despite being completely different to each other, Mackintosh has proven her creativity has no boundaries.
The book is full of unexpected plot twists from start to finish, and I mean to the very last sentence. I lost count of all the nail biting moments! As thrillers go, this is now sharing a #1 place with Th1rt3en!

The book followed Anna, the daughter who desperately believed her parents were murdered, and Murray MacKenzie, a retired CID, alternating between chapters.

In addition Murray’s story included his struggles with his wife’s mental health problems, which was absolutely heartbreaking to read.

As far as the story goes, it all made sense throughout. It all came together wonderfully in the end, with no rush. In my humble opinion, Let Me Lie is EVERYTHING you expect from a thriller.

They say money is the root of all evil. The cause of all crime….. They didn’t have any; they had too much… And the result? A life, taken…

It was so easy to be submerged in the story and get completely lost in it. Every word had my full attention completely.

So hereby my thanks goes to you, Clare Mackintosh, for being an epic story teller and blessing us with a roller-coaster of a ride every. single. time! I was left absolutely dumbfounded with my jaw on the floor (multiple times) until the very last sentence. There is a 100% chance I will include all of your books in my little library and sincerely hope you never stop writing, ever!

Blimey, what a ride!

What are you waiting for, go get a copy!

Kat x



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