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Hi Friends!

Hope you are all doing well? For today’s post I wanted to do something a bit different, and fun, and slightly embarrassing. We all have a few reading quirks and I am planning to do a completely separate post about those too (you know stuff like smelling new books, stroking the pages when reading – Ms Bird, that’s you!, skipping to the very last sentence first etc.) but today I wanted to share some of my bookish sins that have been weighing me down.

Nah, not really but I do hope I’m not alone in this, at least not all of it.

📖 I am a book hoarder.

Hi, my name is Kat and I am a bookaholic. (All in chorus: “Hi, Kat!”) There, I said it. I have only recently logged all the unread books on the book shelf and there are a whopping 90+! I need help!



📖 Walking out of a bookstore without a book is a real struggle!

Honestly, it pains me to walk out of a bookstore without a book. They’re all just sitting on those shelves screaming my name and I shed a tear for each and every book I leave behind. (I’ve been very good recently though!)

📖 I don’t read the blurb properly until I’ve finished the book.

I read just enough to know if the book interests me or not, but I’m too scared that the blurb ruins the book for me, so I just skim through it and if I see the key words like “murder”, “missing”, “disappearance”, “ghosts” etc I’ll pick it up. Is this just me?!

📖 I spy other commuters (and the books they read).

Bookstagram isn’t the only place where I get my inspiration for the next book!

📖 In a very near past I was absolutely out of control and had bookmail nearly every day!

When you feel that you have to hide the fact you have packages coming to your house, you know you have a problem……. Luckily I have a very understanding boyfriend!

📖 I don’t like hardback books.

They’re just unnecessarily heavy and a struggle to carry around in a handbag.

📖 I like to read in silence.

Complete silence. I find that any background noise distracts me and it takes me a lot longer to get through the chapters.

📖 I prefer charity bookstores to high street bookstores.

📖 I used to dog-ear my books.. I know, I’m ashamed!

This is a definite no-no for me currently, so please forgive my younger self! Now I get upset if the cover edges get bent by accident, let alone the page corners. I do however crease the book spine. I like to see that a book has been read and loved.

📖 I’ve borrowed books from my friends and never returned them!

I’m a horrible person. I don’t deserve friends.

📖 I’m a slow reader.

I can’t read more than one book at a time and it takes me twice as long as some of my friends to get through a book! (I just blame the fact that English isn’t my first language so I need time to translate the book in my head!)

📖 I prefer a book in it’s original language.

I have a few books that have been translated into Estonian and honestly I’m rarely moved to tears over the translation. I just think that a book reads best in the language it was originally written in.

📖 I haven’t been to a library for over 8 years.

I recently found my library card. Wonder if it still works? I’m too scared to check it in case I haven’t returned a book! Part of my 2019 reading challenge I added a prompt which will require me to visit a library. Maybe I’ll just join a new one a bit closer to home…

What is your deepest darkest bookish secret? Let me know in the comments!

Kat x



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