Hi friends! We had glorious weather this weekend, albeit I enjoyed it from the comfort of my living room, but it’s comforting to see the change in season and know I’ll be able to spend the majority of the time out in the garden very soon! Cannot believe it’s week 8 of my weekly (reading) update post already. Time sure does not seem to be slowing down!


It’s been an odd week. I’ve found it incredibly hard to concentrate and my mood shifts almost on an hourly basis, which has made sticking to a book incredibly difficult. I am therefore still slowly creeping through Home Before Dark by Riley Sager and 11.22.63 by Stephen King.

Somehow, however, I managed to sit down and speed through Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid this weekend, that I am buddy reading with Evi (@velvetreadsbooks). Personally I thought it was a solid debut novel and I will definitely check out the author’s future works. Full review will be up here soon, too!


Started Behind Her Eyes with the boyfriend last night and I am intrigued. It is a bit confusing at the moment. A few of my friends have already finished it and are baffled by it’s ending, so I look forward to continuing. I haven’t read the book yet, so I have NO idea what’s going on.. please, no spoilers!

We also watched Inception earlier this week and I stand by the fact it’s one of my favourites.


The song of the week is My Oasis by Sam Smith ft. Burna Boy

The plan next week is to get some work done in the garden (Lord knows there’s a lot of work to do!) and prepare the vegetable beds etc. I’m so excited!! Somehow I’m also hoping to finish 11.22.63; I’ve made no progress throughout the whole month, the size of the book intimidates the hell out of me, haha!

How was you week? Did you get up to much? Lets chat!

Kat x



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