Book Review | An American Family by Jackson Baer

Aaaaand another one to add to my suspense thriller list. I accepted the audio version from the author in exchange for an honest review. The synopsis sounded like something straight up my street. Give me a disappearance, murder and police investigation and I’m all “ears”!


Isaac Childs has the perfect life—until that life comes crashing down when his wife Ramie vanishes.

Isaac learns that his wife’s disappearance is the ninth in a string of similar cases. In the wake of this news, he struggles to cope, to be a good father to his daughter and college-bound son, and to reclaim something of an ordinary life even as he conceals his troubled past.

After the FBI makes an arrest, and his wife is presumed dead, Isaac begins to move on. Yet will his secrets catch up with him? Has he conquered his vices for good? And what of the FBI’s theory that the case isn’t completely resolved, after all?

People change… but they were wrong. Isaac and Ramie proved them wrong. They were happy. Who wouldn’t be happy having been married for 19 years and only be 37-years-old?

The Childs family- the picture perfect American family. Isaac met Ramie in high-school and were married with kids by the time they were in their early 20s. Life treated them well with a loving home, good jobs and smart children.

When Ramie doesn’t return from her run one evening Isaac’s whole worlds gets turned upside down. The secrets and lies slowly start to catch up with him. Was their marriage as solid as everyone thought?

I personally couldn’t connect with Isaac in this book – didn’t agree with a lot of his actions and generally just didn’t warm to his character.

Unfortunately the narrator’s voice didn’t do this particular story much justice either. Having said that the actual plot carried itself pretty nicely. The story had a solid build up and although I thought it at times non-believable I enjoyed the majority of it. The investigation provided much needed suspense and the book covered a range of different subjects from murder and grief to life after and sexuality.

The ending wasn’t much a shocker as I had half expected it. Nonetheless it did leave a fair amount of loose ends to be tied up in the sequel, so I am interested to see where the story takes me. Watch this space!

3.5 out of 5 stars, a solid effort 🙂

Kat x

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