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Claire Wright likes to play other people.

A British drama student, in New York without a green card, Claire takes the only job she can get: working for a firm of divorce lawyers, posing as an easy pick-up in hotel bars to entrap straying husbands.

Never hit on them directly, she’s told. We’re after evidence, not entrapment. The innocent have nothing to fear.

That’s the theory, anyway. But Claire is so good at this, she rarely fails to get her man.

When one of her targets becomes the subject of a murder investigation, the police ask Claire to use her acting skills to help lure their suspect into a confession. But right from the start, she has doubts about the part she’s being asked to play. Is Patrick Fogler really a killer…. Or the only decent husband she’s ever met? And is there more to this set-up than she’s being told?

And that’s when Claire realises she’s playing the deadliest role of her life…


25 year-old Claire Wright moved to New York City following a troublesome past in the United Kingdom and enrolled at Actors Studio to chase her “American Dream” of becoming an Actress. That’s all she’s ever wanted to do.

Due to her immigration status, she’s unable to hold a “real” job, but manages to land a cash in hand job in a firm of divorce attorneys, thanks to her agent. Claire works alongside Henry, a paralegal (or as better known an in-house investigator), posing as an easy pick-up in hotel bars to entrap straying husbands.

The game changes when her next assignment is Patrick Fogler. He does not take the bait Claire sets out- and the next day his wife is found dead and he becomes the prime suspect.
Claire finds herself in the biggest role of her life in an undercover police operation to lure their suspect into a confession, in exchange for a green card.

Little does she know how charming Patrick is.. Is he really a cold, calculating psychopath or the man of her dreams? Can Claire stay true to the role and not step over the blurred lines of make believe and reality?…

Trust no-one.


What a thriller this was…. I. LOVED. IT!! Thrilling, suspenseful story-line mixed with passion and love. What made this book even more enjoyable was the constant doubt it planted throughout. Although I must admit at the same time I was confused and annoyed and couldn’t wait for it all make sense.

The ending was just a massive twist in a twist in a twist. I had to pick up my jaw from the floor. Bravo!

5 out of 5 stars – and a definite re-read!

Kat x



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